Read the text below and choose from the list the word which best fits each gap.
Then press "Check" to check your answers.
   baked      beard      Boxing      cards      checks      chimney      coal      decorate      elves      Eve      family      fills      holiday      lap      lights      merry      naughty      nice      North Pole      presents      reindeer      sing      sleigh      spirit      toys      turkey      under      workshop   
Christmas is a when people get together with . People give to each other or send wishing each other a Christmas. At Christmas, people carols to get into the Christmas . As well, people Christmas trees and put up around the house. A common Christmas dinner is . There are also lots of goodies for the kids. Christmas begins on the day before Christmas, or Christmas and continues until Day, when many people go shopping for sales.

Santa Claus is an old man with a white that lives at the . Children sit on Santa’s and tell him what they want for Christmas. Santa his list to see if the children have been or . If the children are bad Santa brings them . If the children are good Santa brings them . The toys are made in Santa’s by . Santa travels around the world in his , which is pulled by flying . When he stops at a house, he goes down the and puts presents the tree and then he the stockings.