Why you can't say no to certain foods

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Are you a chocoholic or a fast food addict? Don't blame yourself - certain foods can trigger an eating binge, but there are ways to control the (0) cravings CRAVE. Even if you're a fairly disciplined eater, there are sure to be foods you'll have no (17) RESIST to. For some it's a bar of chocolate, for others a burger. You probably think there's no one to blame but your weak-willed self. But the reassuring truth is that when it comes to controlling your junk food intake, the odds are heavily stacked against you. High-fat, high-sugar foods can act like an (2) ADDICT drug, making us crave even more of the same. ln the States, where (3) OBESE rates are reaching epidemic proportions, there's even a group called Junk Food Anonymous, which aims to help people recover from their (4) DEPEND on synthetic or refined food. Fat is often added to food to make it more palatable so it's a good way of making (5) EXPENSE, bland food seem tastier. Another reason certain foods are so (6) RESIST is that they have a very real effect on our mood, making us feel more relaxed.
Our eating habits develop when we are young and as we move into adulthood the chocolate that we were rewarded with as a young child becomes a guilty (7) INDULGE. We might feel we've earned the right to treat ourselves after a hard day at work, for example.
Past (8) ASSOCIATE can reinforce bad eating habits that are difficult to break free from.