A Day Out to Rosslyn Chapel


Use the word in capitals to form a word that best fits each gap, then press "Check" to check your answers.
lf you have a spare afternoon why not take the kids to visit the (0) remarkable REMARK Rosslyn Chapel? This must surely be one of Britain's most (1) ORDINARY buildings. lf you were shown pictures of it without any clues to its (2) LOCATE, you might guess it to be somewhere like Moldavia or Transylvania. ln fact, it is just outside Edinburgh. The chapel and the neighbouring village of Rosslyn are both quite stunning; in fact, the whole area is generally very (3) PICTURE. Nearly the entire surface of the chapel's stonework is carved with flowers or stars and another (4) IDIOSYNCRACY feature of the chapel is that although most of the design of the chapel is Gothic, the aisles are similar to architecture found in Babylon or Egypt. The chapel's l5th-century builder, St Clair Prince of Orkney, believed that he was (5) ESSENTIAL buying his way into heaven by creating such an exquisite chapel. He was famous for his (6) PERFECT but this in itself created problems. Because everything had to be exactly as he dreamed it should be it was (7) unrealistic REAL of him to expect the work to be finished in his lifetime. The chapel is now considered to be a local treasure and a charitable trust was set up in 1996 to oversee and fund its (8) GO restoration.