The Silk Route


Use the word in capitals to form a word that best fits each gap, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Follow in the (0) footsteps FOOT of the pioneering traders to experience one of the world's most (1) SPECTACLE overland journeys. This route goes through harsh deserts and up into mountainous lands. A greater variety of landscapes would be difficult to find.
Although the silk route is strictly a land-based route, it is worth making an (2) EXCEPT in Cappadocia as this area is firmly established as one of the prime hot-air balloon destinations in the world because of its (3) FAVOUR wind conditions and agreeable geography. The bird's eye views of the valleys are (4) FORGET and the skill of the balloonists is breathtaking. ln theory you can now travel the entire silk route by train but in (5) REAL few foreign visitors use trains outside of China because they are slow and (6) RELY. Some intrepid travellers take the brave decision to do the route by cycling.
One advantage of this is that you can stop whenever you like and enjoy your surroundings.
There are however, drawbacks to cycling, not least the fact that it can be very (7) COMFORT on some of the rough tracks and bumpy roads! Bizarre as it may seem, it is actually (8) LEGAL to have more than one person on a bike in China, so think twice before deciding to ride a tandem with a friend!