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I have included here some interactive grammar exercises as further practice 4u to have

a better grasp of what has been taught in class.

Click to practise Adjectives : Degrees of Comparison & So/Such (a) ...that
Click to read about Adjective Word Order and practise Order of Adjectives


Click to practise Present Tenses only

Click to practise Present & Past Tenses (Simple & Continuous)

Click to practise Past Tenses only

Click to practise PRESENT, FUTURE & PAST Tenses


  ENGLISH TENSES: forms, uses and examples

Click to practise Reported Speech  

          Click to practise Relative Clauses 

  Click to practise TO INF & ING Forms  

Click to practise Conditionals and Unreal Past
Click to practise Modal Verbs
Click to practise Clauses of Concession, Purpose & Result 

       And more...



English Grammar lessons & exercises at English Grammar Secrets

Grammar explained at BBC GRAMMAR MOVIES 


You may also find the GRAMMAR IN SONGS Video Channel useful!


Cambridge Dictionary Online



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