20th April 2010

Class: 11A

Lesson: Computers & the Cyber School


Motto:  To err is human, but to make a mess out of everything, you need a computer.”

                                                                                                                              (Murphy’s Laws)


Hello and welcome to The Multimedia Lab!


Today we’re going to learn some vocabulary related to computers and the digital world and you are to practice your reading skills in a new way. I hope you’ll enjoy the exercises I’ve created for you.

                                                                                Good Luck!

                                                                                                                        Monica Balteanu

 Click here to start the lesson or

  • Click here to learn some computer words
  • Click here to practice computer related vocabulary
  • Click here to practice computer words in context
  • Click on Text A or on Text B to practice new vocabulary in context (same words, different meanings)
  • Click here to practice your reading skills on a text about the use of computers in the classroom
  • Click here for a more challenging reading task:

The Cyber School – gapped text (FCE reading paper part 3)