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skarabrae.jpgSKARA BRAE

The Neolithic village at Skara Brae was inhabitted continually for at least six hundred years. During this period there seems to have two different stages of construction. earliest houses in the village were circular with one main room containing the central fireplace. Beds set into the walls on either side of the fireplace and opposite the main entrance were the stone shelves characterise Skara Brae. The remains of these buildings still be seen on the site as rough stones outlines.
The later houses more less followed the same design though they were larger. The shape the houses changed slightly, becoming more rectangular with rounded internal corners, and the beds were longer built into the wall but extended into the main living area.
Although was in use for seven generations, Skara Brae not grow any larger eight buildings. The maximum of dwelling during any single period was probably six or eight and housed between fifty one hundred villagers at any particular time.