Reading: Future Forests

Multiple choice Exercise (CEF Level B2)

Read the article and for questions 1-5 choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

Bill Morell is the founder of Future Forests, an organisation that deals with the complex environmental problem of global warming. His solution to saving our planet is quite simple. It involves planting trees around the world to help absorb the carbon dioxide that is being created.

The average U.S. or UK citizen has a lifestyle that annually produces 11 tons of carbon dioxide. Future Forests plants trees for £3 each and aims to give people the power to repair the damage that they’ve caused to the environment. Trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide and, in its place, produce oxygen. Future Forests helps us to understand the damage we are doing to the environments by explaining it in simple, basic terms. For example, it takes five trees to absorb the carbon dioxide emission produced in one year by one car. Six trees will neutralise all of the carbon dioxide released by a refrigerator over its lifetime, while it takes five trees to absorb the carbon dioxide produced by using a washing machine for six years. As people see the connection between planting a tree and carbon dioxide absorption, it makes them more aware of the direct role they are playing in polluting the environment, while showing them how they can help repair the damage.

Future Forests has attracted support from actors, artists, businesses, governments and more than 10,000 ordinary citizens around the world. The foundation has planted over 148,000 trees in 55 forest sites in India, Mexico and the UK. Recycling the world’s air is no easy task. Morell explains that the members of Future Forests are aware that they are entering a long-term commitment to the environment, and that we can all do our part to save our planet, one tree at a time.